What is The Residential Club?

The Residential Club creates excel projects for both owners and tenants by designing spaces that meet the developer’s profitability and the guest’s expected price point.

Our Architecture Team takes into account different variables to optimise the distribution of each unit and shared space within the building.

An optimised and modern design is key in all our spaces, therefore we take each detail into account.

TRC Bravo Murillo Business Center

Property Management Services

Search for assets that meet the profitability of each investor.

Analysis of these assets, or others already included in the portfolio, to evaluate their adaptation to TRC.

Development of a complete study of each asset for the implementation of the TRC model (market study, business plan, distribution of the asset, etc.).

Detailed support opf our technical staff in the process of adapting each asset. 

Management, branding and merchandising of the asset. Hence, the property gets released of any administrative or commercial aspect of the asset.

The Residential Club KPI's

The Residential Club

Let's build something together

If you are an investor, corporation, or owner that would like to partner with us, please leave us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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