The Club

A community to live all kinds of experiences with

The Residential Club is not just a place to live; it's a place to learn, connect, and grow.

Here, you'll find a wide range of benefits such as services, flexibility, comfort, and convenience, but above all, a community, a family that will welcome you with open arms.

You'll be able to make lifelong friends, live unforgettable experiences, and take part in exclusive events and activities designed especially for members of our community.
Join the club

Discover everything we offer in our club.

Access to our community
Join a young, social, fun, committed, ambitious community with whom you can share great experiences.
Events and activities
Exclusive invitations and discounts for our community events and activities.
Benefits with partner companies
Special benefits with our partners, enhancing The Residential Club experience in the city.
Residential Priority Line
Reservation priority to move into our residences and access to our unique spaces in the cities.

It's arriving in the city and finding out that your friends are already there, ready to welcome you.

A club that is also digital

Manage your entire experience through our 'members-only' app.

A platform through which you can manage your daily life at our club: communications, events, activities, and also your stay with us: issues, automatic payments, extra services...

We put everything at your fingertips, in a simple and easy way.
Community and news
Stay up to date with all the news, announcements, and updates from the club and its community.
Events and activities
Event and activity calendar management, registration, and download of invitations and tickets.
Club benefits
Exclusive promotions and discounts for the TRC community.
Access to spaces and stay management
The key to entering and managing the entire residential experience in our spaces.

"We know you won't live with us forever, but you'll always be one of us."

Community Events

Summer party - 2023
Christmas party - 2023
Flower Power - 2023
Wine tasting
Back to work
Summer party - 2023
Paddle Open - 2024

Member benefits

We have partnerships with various brands and companies to enhance your stay with everything you need.

Gyms, laundries, food services, mobility...

Enjoy all the benefits of being a member of our community!
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