General measures for coliving with COVID—19

  • Daily cleaning and sterilization of all the areas in our building:
      • Every time a studio gets cleaned.
      • Elevators, doorknobs and connecting doors.
      • Remotes and switches.
      • The sterilization is done with hypochlorous acid (HOCI), which is 100 times more efficient than bleach. And it is not harmful for the health nor the environment.
  • Daily cleaning and sterilization of all the common areas.
  • Constant ventilation of our common areas.
  • Vent filters are changed frequently.
  • We have imposed several security measures:
      • Mandatory use of masks in all the areas of our building.
      • All the common areas have hydroalcoholic gel for your hands.
      • Security and recommendation signals.
      • Disinfecting mat at the entrance of our building.
  • The maximum people allowed on the elevator at the same time is 1, unless two people share a studio.

Measures for our employees

      • All our employees are trained and well informed about our security, cleaning and hygiene protocols.

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